Things I love:

Reading, painting, writing, playing guitar. Making movies–short ones. Taking photographs. Traveling. Crème brulée. French. My fiance. Cats. Golden Retrievers.

Things I hate:

Arrogance. Hypocrisy. Eating too much of the same kind of food for too long. Small televisions. Humidity. Snow.

Favorite films:

Amélie, Everything is Illuminated, Gaslight, Roman Holiday, Pan’s Labyrinth, Bridget Jones’ Diary, Pride and Prejudice, Inglorious Basterds, Rear Window, Amarcord, 8 1/2, The Rules of the Game.

Favorite books:

Pride and Prejudice, Everything is Illuminated, Lolita, Detectives in Togas, The Dark Lord of Derkholm, Neverwhere, Bang Crunch: Stories, Le Voisin, The Stranger, Death with Interruptions, Collected Stories: Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Blindness, From the Land of the Moon.




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