The Handmaid’s Tale

Everyone’s read The Handmaid’s Tale (Margaret Atwood).

Everyone except me.

I’ve never gotten around to it. While I was interning with a literary agency in Manhattan, I’d see manuscripts drift through the slush pile that would claim to be “The Handmaid’s Tale meets The Hunger Games” (?) or “The Handmaid’s Tale meets Star Trek” (I’m dubious about these comp titles just because I can’t see a dystopian novel being crossed with one of the most formulaic shows no longer on television). I always made a mental note to read it later. And later was always after work, and after work became after dinner, and then after I played a few hours of video games, and then after I finished knitting my scarf…I never ended up reading it. I never even bought it!

But I’ve had the occasion to see some of the cover art for it. That was enough to entice me to go out and get the darn thing. Now, of course, it’s at the bottom of my 30 book long to-read list. :/

For a synopsis of the book, click here. Printed in 1985 by McClelland and Stewart (Canadian publisher), Atwood’s bestselling dystopian novel has retained its popularity over the years, and even saw a surge in purchases after the YA dystopian craze hit publishing. It has been sold in Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Spain, Vietnam, the US, and Norway, among others.

Here’s a random sampling of the covers:

First edition, 1985:





Pretty gorgeous. I prefer the Vintage cover to all of the others–I appreciate the texture of the print and its modern appearance.

I guess I’ll have to read it now. 🙂