A Christmas Carol

Well, slightly belated, but still. Here’s a collection of covers of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

Chapman and Hall, 1843. First edition.


1858, Bradbury and Evans.

1894, Routledge.

1901, HM Caldwell.

1914, David McKay.

1938, John C Winston.

1938, Whitman.

1966, Pocket.

1993, Candlewick.

2001, Modern Library.

2009, Penguin Books.


Time to Start Over

I know this blog is about cover art, and usually I wouldn’t deviate from that. But today is the day before I graduate from college, and I want to address some things I think people should know about being a college student.

Top 15 things I learned in College:

1) Just because you think differently doesn’t mean you’re wrong.

2) The name of Jane Austen’s sister is Cassandra.

3) Usually, school bureaucracy is so bad that it takes two years to change much of anything.

4) Those who form cliques are usually not the people you want to be friends with.

5) Don’t go to Skidmore College if you want to graduate with any applicable skills.

6) Paying for a private school is only useful if you fear large class sizes. Otherwise, stick with public; it costs a fraction of the price and usually the institutions are just as good.

7) Don’t get carpal tunnel just because you have 3 papers due in the same week.

8 ) If a teacher tells you that you are wrong, and you know you are right and can prove it, do NOT hesitate to inform them of this.

9 ) Enthusiasm will open so many doors for you. So will boot-licking.

10) Don’t ever sell yourself short to others, because they’ll start believing you.

11) When (not if) you get involved in the drama that inevitably follows forming new friends, don’t despair. There are so many better people out there.

12) Double majoring is a choice that is NOT for the faint of heart, or slackers.

13) When it’s bad, it can only get better. Or worse. But optimism will get you through better than pessimism.

14) Boyfriends are usually not the greatest people to have around when you’re pressured to finish work. If you’re a workaholic (like me), wait until you graduate to invest in a long term relationship.

15) You will come out a changed person. A better person. A person with more worldliness and experience than you had 4 years ago. It is worth it. Don’t give up.

Love your time in school, because after it’s over, you’re going to be wishing you were back there. Real life hits hard.

Now for something completely different.