Alice in Wonderland

Who is more beloved by the odd than Alice? I have to say, I was one of those children who was terrified by the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland. I saw it first at age four and was so scared that I didn’t see it again until I was in my late teens. The only part I really like is the Mad Hatter/March Hare scene, which I linked to above.

A very merry unbirthdayyyyyyyy….to you!

An unbirthday gift to all, then:

1866, Macmillian and Co., London.  I have to say, this is a really nice first edition print.


1905, Albert Company


1907, William Heinmann and Doubleday.


1930, Hodder and Stoughton.


1932, Macmillan.


1943, Consolidated Press.   This one reminds me of some really old books my mom gave me when I was little. The girl’s face also reminds me of the Coppertone girl.


1946, Penguin.


1962, London, Wardlock and Co.


1982, Univ. of California Press.    Wins the weirdest cover award.


1985, Hold, Rinehart and Winston.


1999, WW Norton and Co.


2010, Penguin.


2012, Signet Classics.

Even cooler is something I found out about Penguin: Alice in Wonderland is one of the books included in their My Penguin program, which allows you to buy the novel with a blank cover. You’re supposed to design your own cover and then post it on their site. SUPER cool.

There are so many covers of this book! It lends itself very well to illustration. What I find even crazier is the number of editions Penguin has put out! Do a Google search and you’ll see.


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