First Impressions

Hello world.

This is my first blog ever. I’m a late bloomer. It seems like everyone who writes has a blog now, so I thought of something to say and I joined in.

I’m an uber-nerd to an unimaginable extent. I love everything the cool kids are not supposed to–Star Trek, research, math rock, and, of course, books. Which is how I will be able to write, every day, about the beautiful art of bookmaking.

This lovely blog will be dedicated to the evolution of cover art. I’m going to post various editions of one book all the way until (you guessed it) 2011, starting with its original edition. You will also get a clever little post title that will usually be some kind of literary joke (First Impressions, get it, Austen fans?). I love cover art and dabble in the art trade myself, but don’t expect a critical analysis of the binding or the reams, I’m far more interested in how books are marketed nowadays compared to how they were marketed back when they were first released. Usually I’ll be featuring books that we consider classics, simply because they have a longer history, and thus, more editions.

I’ll post a few of my favorite book covers.

EP Dutton, 1927
George Allen, 1894
Penguin, 2010
Penguin Classics, 2004
Vintage Contemporaries, 2008
Vintage International, 1997
Harper Perennial, 2003
Vintage Classics, 2010